Lavishly Beautiful Properties That Celebrities Call Their Home

Hillary Clinton | $5.3 Million, Washington, D.C.

Hillary Clinton is a world-famous name. She is noted for her extensive career in politics, which stretches back decades. She has been a senator, a secretary of state, and a First Lady to her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Together with her husband, they are among America’s most influential political figures, often supporting largely liberal policies. In addition to politics, she is also a well-known philanthropist through her extensive charity work over the years via the Clinton Foundation.

Outside of her political career, Clinton has been noted for her extensive real estate portfolio, which acts as a large and safe investment for her. One of them is Whitehaven in Washington D.C. The house was acquired back in 2000 from Joseph Henderson for $2.85 million. Today, the mansion serves as a highly exclusive home for Clinton and important political gatherings.