The Most Beautiful Women of All Time

Women are a gift to mankind. There are but a few people who wouldn’t be able to appreciate the femininity and the grace of a woman. Hollywood can be considered a treasure box of some of the world’s most stunning ladies, many of whom have walked its path seeking stardom. Some girls are charming, but there are those who are simply unforgettable. These timeless beauties also have undeniable talent, which allowed them to leave a mark on the industry. They truly embody what it means to be beautiful inside and out.

Some of them are no longer active in the industry but are still recognizable thanks to their legacy. They are still known for their work, as well as for being great personalities with a big heart. The degree of influence that they have on the world is incredible and up until today, countless people from every gender still look up to them. It makes you curious who made the cut, doesn’t it? Without further ado, here is our list of the most beautiful women of Hollywood.

Jayne Mansfield

Another iconic star from Hollywood is Jayne Mansfield. She became one of the biggest names in the ‘50s—because of her eccentric allure and her perfect physique. The actress was the ultimate femme fatale at the time. Despite the short-lived acting career, Mansfield left a legacy.

Although she was famously known for her publicity stunts, she had a number of box-office hit movies. She even won a Theater World and a Golden Globe Award, proving she’s not just a pretty face. Mansfield is best known for the Broadway and movie versions of Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? She was also seen in The Girl Can’t Help ItThe Wayward Bus, and Too Hot to Handle. In addition, she left quite a lasting impression when she made the post-silent film Promises! Promises! She continues to receive credit for being one of the most precious talents Hollywood has had.