Anita Ekberg

Another iconic woman of history is Anita Ekberg. The actress was the sweet muse of La Dolce Vita, and she continues to amaze people in numerous Italian films. Anita originally hails from Sweden, and her fame started after she was awarded as Miss Sweden. The title brought so many opportunities to her, including competing at the 1951 Miss Universe. Although she did not become the next Miss Universe, the beauty queen earned a contract with Universal Studios Hollywood.

When she started acting, someone suggested that she should get cosmetic surgery and change her name, but Anita refused it and remained to be herself. The former pageant star believed that she could be famous without changing anything. Sadly, Anita struggled at a time when her looks were not the standard of Hollywood beauties. Over time, Tinseltown became more open to varied forms of beauty and ethnicities, so it was fantastic that the Swedish celebrity stayed true to her own degree of beauty.